Cosmo Cafe

Experience Various Food World....
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The word “Cosmo” means universe or a well-ordered thing. 
We named our restaurant to best describe our concept.
People call a region with many different cultures or races of people “cosmopolitan.”  

We at Cosmo Café have many different styles of food.
We have American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, etc.
In modern days, people love experimenting
new culture and food.

Cosmo Café was created to give breakfast and lunch a more options to people in our vicinity. 
It’s going to be difficult to eat same thing everyday once you come in for our breakfast and lunch.

One of the advantages at Cosmo is the in and out time.  We set up the restaurant so that people will have more time actually enjoying the food, not waiting for the food.  Average workers get 30 minutes for their lunch break. 
So called “ Fast Food” restaurants in their busiest hours can make customers wait for more than 10 minutes in line
for their fast food quality products. 

At Cosmo Café, average customers spend less than 4 minutes actually getting the quality food. 
Too many good choices for the customers might slow down their decisions.  We cannot help there. 

The founder of Cosmo Café has been in the business for more than 20 years. 
As you might know, the concept is from New York City where people try to get in and out of the eateries. 
The founder is one of the first owners to bring the great idea to Washington metropolitan. 
As he had great success in New York, he surely knew this would work in the great Washington area. 
He believes this is step forward from cafeteria. 

In his 20 years experience, he is not afraid to try new menus and new products. 
In result, customers at Cosmo Café, is very satisfied with the breakfast and lunch menus.

20 years of experience on the business will not disappoint most of the people who set their foot in the premise.