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Serving Delectable Breakfast and Lunch Meals


CEO Greeting

Our basic philosophy at Cosmo Café is from the moment you walk in our door you are a guest in our restaurant. From our first greeting to your last good bye, our casual, yet attentive our staff will do everything possible to make you feel at home in our restaurant.

 As for our food, we have but one phrase, "Fresh is Best," whether it be seafood, meat, poultry or vegetables, only the finest quality and freshest ingredients available, come out of our kitchen, salad bar, sandwich bar and sushi bar. In keeping with our "Fresh is Best" policy all items are personally prepared to order by our store manager and chef.

 If for any reason whatsoever, your experience with us does not meet your expectations, we ask you to let a member of our staff know immediately. Our primary goal is to have you raving about our service and cuisine and we will do everything in our power to achieve that goal. We appreciate and thank you for your patronage.

Su M. Kim / C.E.O



Su M. Kim

Main Chef

Jung Yoo

Genaral Manager

Sean Kim
Grace Kim

Sandwich Chef

Nelson Figueroa

Operation Manager

Jay Rhee

Sushi Chef

Baekyu Ko

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