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To start a day right we offer the best breakfast possible. In order to bring fresh and hearty breakfast, we break our own fresh eggs everyday. 
Not only the eggs are fresh, every ingredients we use is fresh.  To give more options to people to people we have three basic sections for the breakfast.  First and most is our Breakfast bar area.  It has Scrambled Eggs, Omelet, Bacons, Sausages, Ham, Corned beef hash, Pancakes, French Toast, Grilled cheese, Muffins, Grits, Oat Meal, Biscuits, Hash brown, Tater totts, Cinnamon biscuits and more. 

We also have fresh fruit bar, which can be mixed.  We also have Grill area for people to order a breakfast sandwiches. 
Breakfast sandwiches are made on different varieties of bread.  Bagels, Croissant, toasts, or English Muffins. 

Last but not least , is our breakfast beverage area. 
We carefully choose our coffee company to bring you the best coffee and the price to all of our customers. 
We are now dealing with the company named "Casey's Coffee"  which is from Seattle and  locally roasted coffee gets a great review from our customers.  
Our fully and richily flavored coffee gets a great review from our customers.  We also provide customers with many other choices for their beverage. 
We have more thatn 10 different kind of teas.. Cold beverages are always ready for our customers. 
From Orange Juices to Sodas to Energy Drinks. 
Every customers' breakfast will not be disappointed!

Fresh Biscuit
Escalloped Apple
Corned Beef Hash
Grilled Ham
Grilled Cheese
Hash Brown
Cheese Omelet
Western Omelet
Scrambled Egg
Home Fries
French Toast
Fresh Muffins

And Breakfast Salad Bar